In recent times, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions were hit by cybersecurity attacks more than any other industry. The average ransomware attack cost educational institutions $2.73 million.

Hackers target gaps in your security posture which are not covered by your existing security tools or compliance standards

GYTPOL provides you with continuous visibility and remediation of security gaps used by threat actors to breach your network.

GYTPOL Validator

Don’t Assume – Know for sure

GYTPOL is a next generation security solution for organizations who demand the ultimate protection. Providing a unique view of your misconfiguration security gaps with continuous monitoring of all your devices. Remove risks with rapid and automatic remediation with zero impact to existing business operations.


The Gytpol Benefits


  • Continuous monitoring with automatic remediation of all your assets.
  • Prove your policies are applied across the network.
  • Remote Workforce visibility and risk analysis.
  • Lateral Movement detection.


  • Continuous monitoring of both AD and AAD.
  • Detection of real-time attacks.


  • CIS, Microsoft Security Baseline, MITRE ATT&CK Framework.
    Achieve a higher level of compliance with GYTPOL intelligence coverage.

Human Errors

Default Settings


Endpoint Protection Add-on

Advanced Compliance Intelligence

Continuous Monitoring

When it comes to educational organizations the multiple risks and ease of breach are encouraging hackers to attack. Unsafe devices, misconfigured platforms and insider attackers need to be addressed.

With misconfigurations becoming the attack vector of choice, there is now an emphasis on continuous monitoring of all your devices.

With GYTPOL, all endpoints and servers in your organization are continuous monitored using a lightweight approach with minimal impact to network and resources.

Beyond Detection, Remediation

With GYTPOL, Remediation is as simple as pushing a button in our intuitive dashboard. It is fast and you can also remediate automatically. It will also tell you in advance if there will be any impact before you remediate allowing you to confidently take action with zero risk. For those times when you want to reverse a remediation, the Undo action will help you out.

Educational Customers

UCLA Anderson

The Open University


Ariel University

Technion Institute of Technology