GYTPOL announces new partnership with Smart Network Distribution to extend distribution of its Configuration Security Technology for emerging markets including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus

Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday July 9th, 2020. Gytpol announced today a new partnership with Smart Network Distribution (SND), a value-added distributor specializing in security technologies for emerging markets including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus. The partnership is another milestone for Gytpol as it evolves its channel operations into Eastern Europe.

Gytpol Validator is the leading Endpoint Configuration Security (ECS) solution for IT Security & Compliance. It detects and remediates endpoint security risks caused through misconfigurations and wrongly applied policies. These gaps go undetected by other endpoint threat & vulnerability security tools, which are exploited by hackers. The visibility provided through Gytpol Validator allows organizations to extend their overall security protection coverage and reduce operational issues.

Gytpol also just released a Remote Workforce analysis module. This provides important endpoint configuration information to ensure those employees working from home have reduced security risk exposure to the organization.

“Organizations in the emerging markets understand the importance of deploying the right cybersecurity technologies to be better protected and reduce risk. We select the best technologies to achieve this goal for our resellers and customers. Gytpol’s Configuration Security technology addresses an important gap and finally can provide the visibility and remediation capabilities much needed by organizations.”, said Andrii Pinchuk, CEO of Smart Network Distribution.

“We value strong partnerships to grow our business. Smart Network Distribution’s experience in Eastern Europe coupled with their strong reseller network will allow us to help organizations of all sizes to reduce their IT Security risk caused by misconfigurations using our Validator solution.”, added Matthew Album, Vice President Global Sales & Business Development of Gytpol.

About Gytpol

Established in 2018, Gytpol is a privately held company who helps enterprises and organizations to be secure and compliant through policy validation, detection of configuration weaknesses and utilization of best practices.

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About Smart Network Distribution

Established in 2007 Smart Network Distribution is a group of entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in information technologies, commodity trading and business development services. To strengthen our market capabilities have built a unique sales and marketing team, providing services for our partners in the emerging markets such as Russian Federation, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Eastern Europe and Middle East. This makes us a strong player for cross industry business leaders in the region.

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