Gytpol Validator is a detection solution that assists organizations to identify security misconfiguration and security issues and security hols with their endpoints, including Group Policy issue.

Gytpol Validator

Gytpol monitoring and interactive visualization system find discrepancies between security issues and the actual policies applied to target servers, computers, and users. It can also identify potential operational and security threats caused by misconfigured as well as pinpoint underperforming GPOs.

The Need

In today’s world security misconfiguration for endpoints is limited and lacks crucial aspects uncovered.
Many organizations resolve to consultancy to optimize and resolve discrepancies. This option is very costly, and hired consultants are unfamiliar with the organization’s endpoints history and GPOs, therefore providing an insufficient solution. Other organizations rely on one of its employees, to become a professional center of knowledge and be indispensable for the organization.

The Solution

Gytpol Validator developed to enable IT admin and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), to implement, execute, monitor, secure and audit endpoint security including GPO’s on all computers and users at all times in the organization reliably and efficiently, using a friendly UI. Gytpol Validator also identifies potential operational bottleneck and security threats caused by misconfigured endpoints, misconfigured GPOs, and pinpoint under-performing GPOs.


IT Infrastructure Manager / CISO

Improve end user productivity

Better comply with security standards and best practices

Reduce security risks at endpoints

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