Keep your remote workforce safe from cyber attacks

Employees working from home are more vulnerable and exposed to hackers compared to those working in the office. IT & SecOps in organizations feel exposed due to the lack of visibility of remote endpoints and hence successful cyber attacks are inevitable. Validator Remote Workforce analytics module delivers the visibility required by IT & SecOps. Providing continuous identification and self remediation

How Hackers Exploit Remote Endpoints

  • Use of WiFi with weak encryption or fully open
  • OS and Policies are not updated or un-patched
  • VPN reliability. Encryption fails 40% of the time
  • Anti-malware is either deactivated or missing 28% of the time
  • Use of home devices to access corporate resources
  • Use of unauthorized apps installed on corporate endpoints


The Remote Workforce Module provides endpoint configuration & policy visibility to IT & SecOps allowing issues and vulnerability to be quickly identified and remediated.   It continues to proide analytics even without a VPN connection to the network using a secure end to end encrypted SaaS mechanism.

Remote Workforce analytics includes

  • Last time the OS was updated on the endpoint
  • Last time policy updates were received on the endpoint
  • WiFi connection encryption type being used by the user
  • Use of public WiFi (eg hotels, cafes etc) by the user
  • What VMs are active on the endpoint
  • Multiple users connected to the endpoint
  • Geolocation of Endpoint based on real IP Address

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