How to disable SMB v1.0 on Windows 10


The SMB is Server Message Block protocol, this protocol is used to share files, printer services, and communication between systems in the network.
The most common vulnerabilities for the SMB V1.0 allows remote code execution on a target host. SMB v1 protocol is over 30 years old and you need to stop using it on all your windows devices due to the high security risk.

How to disable SMB v1.0 on WIN 10
Open Control Panel, go to Programs, from Programs and features open Turn Windows features on or off, locate the SMV V1.0, unmark and reboot the system.

For Registry Editor
Open Regedit, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM,CurrentControlSet,Services,LanmanServer, Paramemeters.
locate SMB V1.0 and change the value for 0

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