Think Like A Hacker

IT platforms are growing in complexity and moving to the cloud, Hackers have
become increasingly sophisticated. Today, they choose misconfigurations as the preferred attack vector.

Gytpol plugs the gap in misconfiguration. Our solution provides organizations the tools to see how hackers view your network and prevent the current or the next cyberattack.

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Misconfiguration Roots

Conflicting Security Rules

Lack of Validation

Missing Best Practices

Operational Issues
& Security Risks

Historical Settings

Lack of technical skills

Human Errors

Zero Trust Policy

Gytpol detects, validates and auto-remediates misconfigurations and exploitations.

24×7 monitoring of all endpoints and servers. Detecting critical configuration weaknesses.

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Closes the Configuration Gap

24x7 Monitoring

critical endpoint configuration vulnerabilities that other tools miss


misconfigurations on-premises and
in the cloud


and alerts,

Beyond Detection: Remediation

Save time. Gytpol automatically remediates misconfigurations.

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OnPrem to Cloud Migrations

We support cutting-edge cloud environments like Azure AD,
Intune and M365. Gytpol provides a single pane of glass for
all configuration aspects of the hybrid network.

Work Securely. Anytime. Anywhere.

The next major security attacks can start from the remote endpoint.

Gytpol monitors and remediates even if remote endpoints aren’t
connected to the corporate network. We deliver full remote workforce

endpoint visibility and control – turning insecure remote endpoints into secure extensions of your corporate security policy.

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Become a Breachless Organization

Obtain industrial security regulations and compliance
with standards like ISO, CIS.

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All in One System

Endpoint & Server Misconfigurations

• Monitor & Remediate security risks

• Working from home

• Logon & start-up analysis

Next Gen Active Directory Assessment

• Attack vector identification

• Group policy security threats

• Compliance & audit


• Azure Active Directory

• Microsoft 365

• Microsoft Intune

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