gytpol Validator

Like No Other

Validator is an endpoint vulnerability analysis suite. It scans all Windows endpoints for configuration flaws and Group Policy vulnerabilities

  • Instant Results - from installation to final report within hours
  • Generic - no customization required
  • Light Agent- service free
  • Cloud and On-Prem - SaaS product
  • Syslog - SIEM integration
  • SSO - supports AD integration
  • HTTPS - data transfer via secure tunnel
  • Minimal Domain Permissions

Main Components

Endpoint Threat Analysis

  • Finds OS and 3rd party software configuration vulnerabilities
  • Group Policy discrepancies and vulnerabilities as applied on endpoint


documents historical changes and modifications of GPO


presents computer startup & user logon times, pinpoints and alerts of abnormalities while recommending optimal performance

Hosts Analyzer

detects cyber security threats (undetected by AV) and recommends action steps, including Critical missing KB and updates (like Zero-day and Remote Code Execution)


analyzes the GPO repository and reports duplications, redundancy, replication, conflicts and recommends solution route

Security Benchmark

Monitors the gaps between the various regulations and standards such as CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, MS and more and what exists in the organization

Active Directory Group Policy Analyzer

Identifying and analyzing the Group Policy and AD repository while reporting security and operational issues such as improving performance, setting history, incorrect start, exposed passwords, and many other security issues and other broad issues. All this is done while recommending improved security and IT efficiency.

gytpol Partners

A Powerful Ecosystem of endpoints security Partners.

Gytpol partner collaboration and support are critical to our growth and mutual success as we provide valuable security solutions to our customers around the globe.


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User Stories

“Once we deployed gytpol, we could review how long each component of the login takes, and we finally found out the culprit: the Drive Maps phase tried to apply some obsolete mappings, and that wasted a lot of time in the login.”

gytpol: gytpol Profiler helps the IT admin identify which Group Policy (GP) components affect the login time, and their performance across users and Organization Units. Examples for components include Drive Maps, Registry Values, Printers, Folder Redirection, Security Settings and many more.

“gytpol’s Analyzer module scanned our policies, and discovered that some GP settings held the Domain Admin’s password in clear text. Furthermore, those settings were being applied to all computers in the organization.”

gytpol: gytpol Analyzer scans all Group Policies (GP) and the Active Directory (AD) for security vulnerabilities such as passwords, abnormal (risky) NTFS permissions, AD security delegation issues and much more.

“Validator identified the issue as a delegation problem within the GP, and even provided a directions of how to fix it. I applied them as suggested and it worked!”

gytpol: gytpol Validator detects Group Policy (GP) issues and provides resolution recommendations, in a friendly user interface.

“gytpol’s Benchmarks is exactly where our IT and Security teams meet. Thanks to that, it’s easy for our teams to understand the gaps whenever there’s a new benchmark update. I look forward to see more of gytpol’s magic.”

gytpol: gytpol Validator supplies a Benchmark section which is kept up to date with the main security standards like HIPAA, CIS, NIST, GDPR and MS.

“It enables us to detect private shares of users on computers, track critical Knowledge Base (KBs) updates missing on hosts, and understand the implications of those missing KBs.”

gytpol: The Host analyzer module covers many security aspects of end computers. The vulnerabilities it detects include Remote Sessions, High Privilege users within Task Scheduler, Important OS files that were modified, missing critical updates and more.

We are deployed on over 500,000 computers

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. We give our 100% to develop a premium product that is made to keep its eyes on your group policy.

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