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    Detect & Correct Misconfigurations With Ease

    Device Misconfigurations Are a Big Problem

    A function of context - misconfigurations are not design flaws, but deployment flaws. They are hard to define, mired in human error, and unpatchable.


    Have critical security misconfigurations

    with the potential to expose sensitive data, systems, and services


    Are rooted in misconfigurations

    representing a huge, neglected stretch of the attack surface


    Exploit misconfigurations each year

    accounting for more than eighty percent of all such attacks

    A Smart Approach to Threat Exposure Management

    Deploying in minutes, GYTPOL automatically detects misconfigurations and makes it possible to bulk-remediate with a single click and without any risk of disruption to the business.

    Continuous inspection

    Reviewing your assets, active directory, MDM settings, and GPOs, misconfigurations are presented as alerts – sortable according to severity, device type, security group, or potential attack vector.

    Policy validation & enforcement

    Defining a policy does not guarantee it will be effective or enforced. GYTPOL does. Take two steps forward no steps back – putting conflicting rules, incorrect GPO applications, and inert scripts in the rearview mirror.

    Best practice benchmarking

    GYTPOL assures compliance with any security standard for any device or fleet. Operating from within the designated framework (NIST, CIS, MITRE, etc.), action items are easily identified and advanced with click-to-enact/retract functionality.


    Get GYT Done

    24/7 Protection

    De-fragmentify your visibility and ensure nothing goes overlooked

    Regardless of the operating systems and device types, GYTPOL has you covered. Whether it's Windows, macOS, or Linux, client, server, virtual machine, or cloud instances, you can rest easy knowing that your endpoint configurations are always secure.

    Productivity Multiplier

    Get more done with less hassle

    Stay ahead of emerging threats – finding and fixing weaknesses in minutes rather than weeks. Assume a more proactive posture, moving from fire-fighting to fire-proofing. Get to the bottom of your to-do list, and reinvest your time savings in strategic projects.

    Zero Risk

    Say goodbye to unwelcome surprises

    Operate without fear of breaking things. GYTPOL eliminates the unknown, ruling-out or revealing any dependencies. Move forward with confidence knowing that you can rollback changes with one click.

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