Gytpol Validator

Introducing Gytpol Validator

Market-leading ECS proven to prevent breaches caused by misconfiguration with integrated monitoring and auto-remediation — with a single lightweight semi-agent that operates without the constant need for software distribution, on-premises & cloud management infrastructure or complex integrations.

Endpoint Configuration Security (ECS)

Gytpol Validator offers the ideal solution for managing zero trust policy, combining the most effective prevention technologies with auto-remediation -- all in a single lightweight semi-agent.

Remediate instead of Mitigate

Validator identifies and remediates configuration risks (and the list keeps growing), including:

Reducing Attack Surface
Next Generation Active Directory Assessment
Lateral Movement Detection
Incident Response
Group Policy / Intune Validation across network assets
Cloud / Hybrid Cloud Migration
Regulation & Compliance

More Validator Advantages

Validator offers real-time compliance on all
network assets; ISO 27001, CIS, NIST, and more

Super-fast ramp-up

Validator is up and running within 30 minutes

Airtight policy validation

Validator ensures that policies defined on endpoints are actually applied on endpoints, and also identifies orphan policies

Always-on visibility

Validator delivers endpoint visibility whether or not users are connected to the VPN

AI Insights

Validator provides an analysis score on your attack surface. Monitor improvements over time with auto-remediation

Effective filtering

Validator lowers false positives, helping keep the SIEM focused and productive.








Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Group Policy


Microsoft Azure

AD Microsoft 365

Microsoft Intune AWS