Gytpol Story

Setting the new standard for Zero Trust Policy

We created Gytpol to change the way organizations protect themselves from a cyberattack by seeing their network like a hacker.

As a hacker trusts no-one, Gytpol created its own Zero Trust Policy to enable organizations to eliminate the risk before it becomes a real threat.

Gytpol Established
First beta customer
Official Validator Product Launch
First 50 customers
1 million licenses sold
Customer base covering all continents

Executive Team

Co-Founder. IT expert and a Cyber Security specialist. Army service in ICT unit, and later for EMC as a Cyber & System Security Architect and MCP at Group Policy.

Tal Kollender, CEO

Passionate with simplifying details. Previously co-founded Digital Fuel (acquired by VMware). Pioneered the development of the first anti-virus, and CheckPoint’s Firewall.

Gilad Raz, CTO

Co-Founder. Expert in IT management software, data technologies & software architecture. Co-founder & VP R&D of Digital Fuel (acquired by VMware). Holds M.Sc.

Yakov Kogan, SVP R&D

A veteran in security solutions and always focused on the customer. A consistent track record in growing businesses and developing partner relationships. A leader with a vision, previous experience in NDS, Cisco and Accenture.

Matthew Album, VP Global Sales

A specialist in cybersecurity solutions with a deep knowledge and military grade expertise from a top cyber unit in the Israel Defence Forces.

Josh Blumenfeld, Chief Architect

Advisory Board

Marketing & Business Development Expert, with broad experience in commercialization and deployment of security related technologies in international markets

Tal Catran, Accelerators Guru

InfoSec & Cyber Risk management veteran. Head of Cyber Security in the Financial sector and Senior Consultant to the CEO & Board of Directors in the field of Business Continuity.

Avivit Kotler, Adv. CISM & CISSP

Solutions architect with deep understanding in operating systems, software architecture and security. Expert in cloud infrastructure and enterprise scale automation.

Martin Schvartzman, Cloud Expert, Microsoft Corporation