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Securing Every Device,

In today’s interconnected world, the security landscape is more diverse and challenging than ever.
With devices ranging from traditional workstations to servers and mobile devices, organizations need a solution that’s as versatile as their infrastructure.

GYTPOL rises to the challenge, offering unparalleled protection for any device, anywhere.

Protecting 3,000,000+ devices in amazing companies like yours:

Stay Ahead with GYTPOL's Compliance Tools on any device

Maintain your organization’s compliance posture across all devices.
GYTPOL’s advanced intelligence coverage supports a range of standards, including CIS, Microsoft Security Baseline, and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the attacks.

Unmatched Device Protection

  • Comprehensive Device misconfiguration Monitoring: Whether it’s a Windows workstation in your office or a Linux server in the cloud, GYTPOL ensures continuous monitoring and protection.
  • Instant Threat Neutralization: Real-time detection mechanisms identify and neutralize threats on any supported device, ensuring your data remains safe.
  • Empower Your Remote Workforce: With the shift to remote work, GYTPOL provides the tools to ensure every device, even those off-site, remains secure and compliant.
  • Barrier Against Lateral Threats: Prevent attackers from exploiting one vulnerable device to compromise your entire network.

Device Misconfiguration is one of the highest risks in every organization and we couldn't address it properly before GYTPOL

(An actual quote from a large healthcare organization)