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GPO Validation

Microsoft’s Group Policy Object (GPO) is central to the management and configuration of your organization’s devices and users. Defining a GPO does not guarantee it will get applied and enforced on all your end-points & Servers.
GYTPOL provides full & continuous visibility in a centralized dashboard, validating your policies are applied for all your end-points & Servers.

Protecting 3,000,000+ devices in amazing companies like yours:

GYTPOL Policy Validation

Don’t Assume – Know For Sure

Group Policies are primarily used to secure all your Users, PCs and servers, allowing you to create a hardened configuration security baseline.
The Microsoft tools provided only allow GPOs to be created.
They cannot verify that your GPOs have been successfully applied and enforced on your devices.
This results in your PCs and servers being non-compliant and at risk of a cyber-attack.

GYTPOL Validator is the leading enterprise solution. Providing continuous visibility of your Group Policies in a single centralized dashboard for all your PCs and Servers.

“Saves the time and costs of our IT and all device misconfiguration complications”

(An actual quote from a big Telecommunication company)