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As a Managed Security Service Provider, you need to provide world-class service to your customers to keep their platforms secure.
Including an Endpoint Configuration Security service like GYTPOL Validator will help you achieve this goal – and provide a new revenue stream that will grow your business and your profit.

MSSP Partner Program Includes:


Sales and technical training at no-cost


Pre-sales support to help you win

No Risk

Pay monthly based on usage

NOC Dashboard

Single view of all your customers

Multi Tenancy

Add tenants as you grow

Monthly Reporting

Stay updated

Role Based Access Control

Give the right access to the right people


Increases at each tier level

Hear it from a partner

We’re always looking for new MSSP partners.
We are rapidly expanding our reach worldwide and invite you to join us in bringing to market an innovative, usable, and easy-to-install software product.

See how one of our partners is benefiting from the partnership.

Why Partner with Us

* Short sales cycles to maximize revenue

* Recurring annual revenue model

* Easy to install and use product

* Software product that solves real customer pain

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We're providing a service that people really need, and it's not just yet another security product to add to your portfolio

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