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    GYTPOL announces new partnership with NetOpt to extend distribution of its Endpoint Configuration Security Technology in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji


    Brisbane, Australia,  Thursday June 25th, 2020  Gytpol announced today a new partnership with Network Optimiser Solutions PTY LTD (NetOpt), a value-added distributor and leading provider of ICT Security for AustraliaNew Zealand and Fiji.  The partnership is another milestone for Gytpol as it evolves its channel operations into Oceania.

    Gytpol Validator is the leading Endpoint Configuration Security (ECS) solution for IT Security & Compliance. It detects and remediates endpoint security risks caused through misconfigurations and wrongly applied policies. These gaps go undetected by other endpoint threat & vulnerability security tools, which are exploited by hackers.  The visibility provided through Gytpol Validator allows organizations to extend their overall security protection coverage and reduce operational issues.

    Gytpol also just released a Remote Workforce analysis module. This provides important endpoint configuration information to ensure those employees working from home have reduced security risk exposure to the organization.

    “Successful cyber security attacks are becoming more common place in the region and additional approaches are required to minimize the risk.  Gytpol has a fresh and innovative solution with ECS. This is now an essential part of any organisation’s security toolkit who want to be better protected. “, said Rick Nand, Product Director of NetOpt.

    “NetOpt’s capabilities as a value-added distributor in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, coupled with their knowledge and experience in ICT Security makes them a great partner for Gytpol. Misconfigurations are everywhere. We bring a unique and proven solution to the region and look forward to building our partnership and helping organizations reduce risk and be compliant “, added Matthew Album, Vice President of Gytpol.

    About Gytpol

    Established in 2018, Gytpol is a privately-held company who helps enterprises and organizations to be secure and compliant through policy validation, detection of configuration weaknesses and utilization of best practices.

    LinkedIn: gytpol

    Twitter: @gytpol

    For queries, please email: contact@gytpol.com

    About NetOpt

    Founded in 2004 and headquartered in South Brisbane, NetOpt was quickly recognised as a leader in Security solutions with customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Fiji supported by a comprehensive network of authorised resellers, NetOpt provides an efficient distribution and support system across Oceania region. The wealthy, intelligent and demanding audience expects the best the world has to offer and NetOpt team has built a well deserved reputation for delivering exactly that.

    For queries, please email: sales@netopt.com.au or kbinney@netopt.com.au

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