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    GYTPOL 2.0

    Say goodbye to risky configurations and hello to proactive remediations!


    Protecting 3,000,000+ devices for some of the most trusted brands in the world

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    Putting An End to Endpoint Misconfigurations

    From bad defaults and setup mistakes to poor policy enforcement and non-patchable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations are everywhere. Isn't it time you do something about it?

    Context-aware monitoring

    When it comes to managing your device posture, visibility is vital. But that's just the starting point. Before any action can be planned, prioritized, and put into effect, detected issues must be assessed for severity, exploitability, and operational dependencies.

    To get the most bang for their buck,  operators must also consider the costs and effectiveness of their interventions. GYTPOL turns this complex, opaque, and resource-intensive process into something simple, auditable, and largely automatable.

    Smart, secure, and strict

    It's one thing to have a policy, it's another thing to know it's properly designed and applied. GYTPOL helps you define your security baseline in view of  available controls and configuration best practices – ensuring policies are rightly constructed and applied across the network.

    By pre-validating enforcement mechanisms and dynamically applying policies to new group members, GYTPOL removes all guesswork and wishful thinking from the equation. 

    Detect & correct in one fell swoop

    Simple in theory, but slow and painful in practice. Too often that's how remediation efforts are described. With GYTPOL, remediation is as simple as pushing a button.

    Even better, because GYTPOL maps configuration dependencies, it empowers users to push changes with complete confidence and zero risk of disruption. As an added fail-safe, every change is instantly reversible with one click. 

    Centralized control for diverse & distributed environments

    Keeping track of risks across all device types and operating systems can be a real challenge. Coordinating changes across such environments can be an absolute nightmare. Unless you have GYTPOL.

    While coverage is constantly expanding, the following devices are currently supported:

    Microsoft Windows

    • Windows Workstations versions: 7, 8, 10, 11
    • Windows Servers versions: 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022


    • Ubuntu 16 and later
    • RHEL 7 and later
    • CentOS 7 and later
    • Rocky 9 and later
    • SUSE 12 and later


    • Catalina 10.15 (x64) and later

    A New Paradigm for Continuous Threat Exposure Management

    Detect and correct in one fell swoop


    AD, GPO, and Intune intelligence

    Effortlessly monitor network resources & services to ensure baseline policies and groupings are on point. Poorly defined policies and unfit enforcement mechanisms trigger alerts that explain the issue and provide instructions for remediation.


    Compliance assurance

    With GYTPOL's smart auditing, you can take any device group or subset and bring it in line with the framework of your choosing (NIST, CISA, MITRE, etc.). Mapping the specific controls and relevant settings, GYTPOL pinpoints areas of non-compliance and makes it possible close the gap with click-to-enact/retract functionality.


    Browser and web server hardening

    Insecure default browser configurations offer an open door to attackers. GYTPOL offer a fortress. Providing one-click Chrome and Edge hardening, GYTPOL also covers the server side – securing your browsing in the most efficient way possible.


    Database settings security

    Database misconfigurations can be easy to overlook, but potentially devastating. GYTPOL shuts down this front of the attack surface – lining up all relevant issues for you to knock down with the push of a button. Whether it's  SQL, MongoDB, or Oracle, GYTPOL has you covered.


    AI enablement

    Gauge your security posture at a glance and plan ahead with perfect understanding. GYTPOL's AI assistant scores each alert to help you prioritize tasks, answer questions, and maximize your impact.


    Shrink the attack surface


    Reduce your attack surface by 35%, instantly eliminating risks associated with endpoint misconfigurations

    Go further faster

    further faster

    Get more out of your time and talent – cutting MTTR in half and boosting labor productivity by 20%+


    Enhance oversight

    enhance oversight

    Stay always up-to-date and ahead of threats – minimize exposure, streamline compliance, and ensure business continuity


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