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80% of Ransomware attacks are due to Misconfigurations.
Make sure you’re in the 20%

Protecting 10s of millions devices in amazing companies like yours:

Remediate with Zero Impact

Full protection with continuous monitoring of all your devices. Accurate detection and fast remediation of security gaps, misconfigurations and human errors.

We can’t wait to show you more!

Why use Gytpol?

Eliminate Security Gaps not covered by other security tools

  • Continuous monitoring with automatic remediation of all your assets.
  • Prove your policies are applied across the network.
  • Remote Workforce visibility and risk analysis.
  • Lateral Movement detection.


  • Continuous monitoring of AD.
  • Detection of real-time attacks.


  • CIS, Microsoft Security Baseline, MITRE ATT&CK Framework.
  • Achieve a higher level of compliance with GYTPOL intelligence coverage.


Stay protected, 24/7

Whether it’s a Windows, MacOS, Linux, servers. All your end-point devices will be protected against all misconfiguration risks, all the time. Gytpol Validator will make sure you can sleep great at night, knowing you organization is protected.

Save days, weeks and even months

Stay up-to-date on all new threats, auto remediate, find weaknesses in minutes rather than weeks, and fix them with a
push of a button.


You will know the impact before any change, and can always roll back using out Undo Action.

Our Customers ❤️ us

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Fortune 500 companies
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Of devices protected

Michael Meis

Associate CISO for the University of Kansas Health System

“GYTPOL gives us the ability to fix bad things in our environments without impacting our operations; It’s a gamechanger”

Alexander Schuchman

Chief Information Security Officer, Colgate-Palmolive

״GYTPOL gives my InfoSec team incredibly detailed visibility regarding our global computing environment.”

Ruben Chacon

Global VP and CISO at Eaton and former CISO of CDW

“GYTPOL has helped me deploy a Technical Security Baseline to all my endpoint devices globally”

Jony Fischbein

Global CISO, Check Point

“The uniqueness of GYTPOL is giving us compliance, visibility & remediation. For 100% of endpoints & servers. All the time”

Jeff Farinich

SVP & CISO, New American Funding

“GYTPOL helped me solve my Security Gaps”

Haim Inger

CTO, Clal Insurance

“I chose GYTPOL, because they solved the unsolvable.”

Start protecting your organization - NOW

Monitor. Enforce. Remediate. Be a super hero

Who is Gytpol for?

If you’re in-charge of end-point security, you’re on the list.




“We didn’t know this sort of threat even existed, and now we are protected with just a push of a button.”

(An actual quote from a user)