Misconfigurations can exist anywhere in your environment. Gytpol’s monitoring, identification,
and remediation of all misconfiguration, via a single pane of glass.
And it is the only solution that monitors configuration differences between on-prem and cloud environments.



Most organizations operate with a combination of on-premises appliances and private cloud virtual machines. They typically use Microsoft Active Directory as the main controller, operating domain management and directory-based identity-related services. Policy and configuration management is managed through Group Policy Object (GPO).

The Microsoft Windows Server OS has existed in organizations for over 20 years, and has expanded over the years to become a feature-rich, complex platform. With many configurations and legacy protocols, it’s crucial to ensure that the environment is well-protected from exploitation and cyberattacks.

Organizations operating multiple domains (often following acquisitions) face even greater ecosystem complexity and are challenged to provide consistency over the whole platform – and also to obtain a single view of configurations to provide full flexibility.Gytpol monitors, identifies and auto-remediates on-premises misconfigurations.

Gytpol Benefits for On-Premises

Eliminate Active Directory blind-spots

Detect Group Policy risks

Improve login and start-up performance

Validate and Enforce Group Policy settings

Apply Compliance & Audit


Organizations who have started moving their environment to the cloud need to support a hybrid model – both on-premises Active Directory and cloud infrastructure comprising Azure AD, M365 and Intune. This adds a new level of complexity and makes achieving consistent configurations between the cloud and legacy on-premises environments – with full replication integrity – and ongoing challenges.

Gytpol is also creating solutions for the misconfiguration for other cloud providers such as AWS, GCP.Gytpol monitors, identifies and auto-remediates cloud misconfigurations.

Gytpol Benefits for Cloud / Hybrid Cloud

Single point of visibility and control

Protect against credential theft

Guard against roles & permission exploration

Identify synchronization anomalies

Visibility & Control of Cloud licensing & usage


In both managed or unmanaged frameworks, mobile devices in organizations require careful attention – ensuring they don’t become the entry point for unauthorized access to your organization. While mobile devices may seem more secure than traditional desktop and server operating systems, they can still be exploited by a hacker through common misconfigurations.Gytpol monitors, identifies and auto-remediates mobile device misconfigurations.


IoT devices are everywhere. Manufacturers use SCADA IoT devices, modern offices are full of smart office IoT devices, and even home offices rely on IoT. In all these cases and more, a misconfiguration or security breach can stop operational activity and slow down productivity.Gytpol monitors, identifies and auto-remediates IoT misconfigurations.